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Last month I have started free pan verification services ,since then I have received so many queries regarding pan though I have replied each & every quires separately but I know generally people hesitate to ask questions so I think its beneficial to discuss main and common question regarding pan on our blog.

  1. I have applied for pan some time back but has not received the pan card ,how can i get new pan card?
  2. I have duplicate/multiple pan ,how can I surrender one of them.
  3. How can I apply for change in correction in pan address ,and is it necessary/mandatory to apply for change in address.
  4. I would like to know whether there are any persons/agencies that can help people like me to get pan no in quick time.

  • First of all I would like to inform every body that if you need Pan for income tax return purpose than my dear friend u can use the pan even you don't have pan card,Income tax deptt never asked for Pan card .But now a days photocopies of Pan card is required at the time of many transactions like bank account opening, mutual fund application,for purchase of property ,demat account etc etc. So its advisable to have a Pan card with you.To get new pan card on old pan you have to apply through one on nsdl tin-fc,uti center or pan center (Nearest center can be checked from link given below)

  • To apply for new pan card you have to apply through three above alternatives,you can also apply through online , For this you have to fill a REQUEST FOR NEW PAN CARD OR/AND CHANGES OR CORRECTION IN PAN DATA’: The same form can be used by Indian as well as foreign citizens.
  • Instruction to fill the form is also given in the above link but few instruction are reproduced here.
  1. For issue of new PAN card without any changes - In case you have a PAN but no PAN card and wish to get a PAN card, fill all columns of the form but do not tick any of the boxes on the left margin. In case of loss of PAN card, a copy of FIR may be submitted along with the form.FIR copy is not mandatory.
  2. For changes or correction in PAN data, fill all columns of the form and tick box on left margin of appropriate row where change/correction is required.
  3. Having or using more than one PAN is illegal. If you possess more than one PAN, kindly fill the details in Item No.10 of this form and surrender the same

Ans -2

As above given to surrender the Duplicate pan fill serial number 10 and tick the box at left hand side as shown in the picture above.


If you want to change address of pan then fill the column given at sr number seven with new address and tick the box at left hand side.
As per Income tax official website faq about pan ,it is mandatory to apply for change in address in pan ,q/a is reproduced hereunder for your ready reference .
  • 28. Do you need to apply for a PAN when you move or transfer from one city to another?
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN), as the name suggests, is a permanent number and does not change during lifetime of PAN holder. Changing the address or city, though, may change the Assessing Officer. Such changes must, therefore, be intimated to nearest IT PAN Service Center or TIN Facilitation Center for required correction in PAN databases of the Income Tax department. These requests will have to be made in a form for 'Request For New PAN Card Or/ And Changes In PAN Data'


You can apply any of three agencies /channal as suggested above.and they claim from you only 60 rs plus service tax as fees no other charges.so check ur nearest center link given above.

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