Monday, February 20, 2012


on Monday, February 20, 2012

To check EPF balance code of employer/ code of establishment is required . Most of the employees does not have the same or not have noted down the same .So while checking epf balance online they have problems .But EPF establishment code can be check easily. Just enter the pin code of your area you will get list of all establishment of your area , or alternatively you can enter Pin code plus ,first few digit of establishment code or first few letter of name of the establishment to refine our search . So get your establishment code now and then check epf Balance online now . BAlance will be sent to your mobile number after complete data matching.

Check your EPF balance Online Now
Please fill your data  to know the balance in your EPF ESTABLISHMENT CODE ,you can check epf balance online ALL OVER INDIA(few cities data not updated yet,check list for details) , upto the date, the accounts are updated, which also includes the latest approved transactions of Settlement/ advances/ transfer-in/ transfer-out, if any.

Check your EPF balance Online Now


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