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on Thursday, June 14, 2012

Indian Railways unique Customer Care and Enquiry Number 139 provides a host of information to its customers like PNR status, train arrival/departure timing, accommodation availability, train fare, online ticket booking etc. Customers need to simply dial 139 and after selection of language following prompts are available in the system: 

“Press 1 to know about PNR status of waiting list reserved ticket” 
“Press 2 for Arrival/Departure of train” 
“Press 3 for accommodation availability” 
“Press 4 to know about Fare enquiry” 
“Press 5 to book your ticket through cash card and getting it delivered through courier or email” 

“Press 6 to know the status of Mumbai Central Railway Suburban trains” 

Apart from voice enquiry on IVRS, the above mentioned services are also available through SMS. Passenger can get the desired information by sending SMS to 139 in the following format.
The details of SMSs services available and the format are as under:

1.      For ticket status Enquiry:
SMS “PNR <10 Digit PNR Number> 
For example: PNR 4341568666
2.      For Train Arrival/Departure Enquiry:
SMS “AD <Train number> <STD code of Station>” 
 For example: AD 12012 011
3.      For Accommodation  availability:
SMS “SEAT <Train number> <DOJ**ddmmyy> <Station from: STD code> <station to: STD code> <class> <Quota>***
For example SEAT 12561 010712 0542 0571 SL G
4.      Fare enquiry
SMS “FARE <Train number> < DOJ**ddmmyy> <Station from: STD code> <station to: STD code> <class> <Quota>***
For Example: FARE 12561 010712 0542 0571 SL G
5.      Time table:
SMS “TIME <train number>
For example: TIME 12561
6.      Spot/  Locate train:
SMS “SPOT <train number> or LOCATE <train number>
For example: SPOT 12561 or LOCATE 12561
7.      Train Name/Number:
SMS “TN <train number> or SMS “TN <train name>
For Example TN 12724 or TN AP EXPRESS
       8.   Getting all syntaxes
 To get the above all mentioned  syntaxes, SMS HELP or RAIL  to 139

Note: Quota is optional field. For example, please enter G for general, CK for tatkal

         For CLASS field, please enter 1A for First AC, 2A for Second AC, 3A for third AC, SL for Sleeper, CC for AC Chair Car, 2S for Second Sitting           
The service is also available on USSD for Reliance, UninorDocomo and Vodafone Telephone Service Providers.  Just dial *139# to avail the USSD facility for enquiry of PNR, Arrival/Departure etc.

The system is so devised that a Customer need not wait will the entire announcement fed in the IVRS is completed. Customer can skip the same by pressing the desired code (viz., can press 1 for PNR status, 2 for Arrival/Departure etc.) after selection of the preferred language. In case of three unsuccessful attempts, the call is automatically transferred to Customer Care Executive for his further assistance. In addition, one can send different SMS formats to 139 to get information on PNR status, train arrival/departure timing, accommodation availability, train fare enquiry and location of running train.

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  1. Just now i call 139 from the tatadocomo no for 2 minute and the call cost me around 5rs,what a greattttttttt service govt of india,i thought its an toll free no.....

  2. Before posting this information, just dial your self 139 and then 2. Hear what it says. U can not identify anything from the message U hear. It is just a waste of money.

  3. Its true.... 1 call to 139 cost me Rs. 4 from my airtel mobile. The call duration was only 1 min and 11 secs. This is rediculous!!