Monday, April 22, 2013


on Monday, April 22, 2013

EPFO department has asked the registered employer's through emails to upload the missing details of members as soon as possible.Further a Message is running at EPFO department website regarding update and filing /furnishing of missing details of members. 

Attention Employers, Kindly download the Missing Details File (excel format) from the Downloads Tab available after E-Sewa Login, compile it and Upload it.
But every body has few question in his mind about this missing member details.we have listed out few and share our views regarding them.
  1. What is this missing details ?
  2. How we can get the details what is missing in our case ?
  3. How it can be corrected ? How to prepare correction file?
  4. Where to upload/file this corrected /completed details of Missing details ?

1.What is EPFO Missing members details ?

Missing details is not a new thing but a electronic form in place of old form 5 and old form 10 .While filing the ECR monthly basis ,there is no scope of correction after deposit of challan , if one or more details are missing in filing ECR related to members particular which was earlier part of FORM 5/10 is now sorted out by the department and this has been renamed as missing details.

2.Where we can find ,what is missing detail of our members?

  1. First login at EPFO website .
  2. Go to Download TAB
  3. click and go to forth link "download missing detail (annexure II) with excel sign
  4. Download this excel file.
In this file name and number of your missing employee will be shown and other details are required to filled by you.

3. How we can fill this file.What is the Format

Instruction to fill this file is given in the below file. Which can be downloaded from epfo website also after login.

Further you can also download this free software Provided by epfo department

4. Where to upload this Text file
  1. You have to login at EPFO
  2. GO to Annex-II tab
  3. Click upload
  4. Browse the file and click the submit button upload.
  5. You can check the status of upload file .
  6. If error found in uploaded file then same can be checked through Annexure -II error log under same tab.
Thats all.

e Return Tool for Employers

Please Read: All the files (a to h)are to be downloaded by clicking on them and all the files should be kept in a single folder. The installation can be done using the Instructions. Options (b), (c) & (d) are to be downloaded and then unzipped in the same folder and these are to be installed only ONCE. But, the options (e), (f) & (g) are to be downloaded and installed every time for updated New Version.

a. Instructions for Installationb. Crystal Reports 10_5
c. DotNet FX35d. Windows Installer 3_5
e. Setup.exef. eReturn Setup.msi
g. User Manualh. Password file
i. Example CSV Files for Upload Data in Tool (While creating CSV File take care that no COMMA is being used in the data field)j. Installation Procedure for New Versions
k. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
l. List of Changes Made in -

if you have query then pls record in comment section.

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  1. still have many confusions

  2. After Completing 12Year service I withdraw the PF Amount.And For Pension they have issued Pension Certificate. After 1 Year I joined a Company and I got fresh P.F & Pension registration.
    .Now I want surrender Pension Certificate to the New Company's Registration no.for continuation of my employment.Pl.advice me.

  3. For Creating txt file for missing details of member / related doubts call us on 9746031438

  4. Kindly help me to rectify the error (Code 21)??? It shows the row number next to the last row of the data in the excel sheet.

    1. if errors occurred while uploading the file, please call us on 9746031438

      or mail or

    2. For consultancy servic call us on 08120463723

    3. Create the TXT file as it is. Then open the txt file click the cursor on the last row of data till you come to the end of the line. Then press Delete button and sve txt file. it will be ready for upload

  5. used your method, but same error is showing

  6. please delete last is not is a time killing one