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Issuance of Form No. 16 (TDS Certificate for Salary)

Form No. 16 has to be issued annually by an employer (deductor) to its employees (deductee) in case of deduction (tds) made under section 192 (Salaries). It is to be noted that Form No. 16 should be issued by 31st May of the financial year immediately following the financial year in which income was paid and deducted.Due date to issue form 16 for financial year 2012-13 is 31.05.2013

Form No. 16 has two parts viz Part A and Part B. 
  •  Part A: It contains the details of tax deduction and deposit. 
  •  Part B: It contains the details of the income.
As per the Circular No. 04/2013 dated 17th April 2013, it is now mandatory for all employers (including government deductors who deposit TDS in Central Government Account through book entry) to issue the Part A of Form No. 16 to their employees by generating and subsequently downloading the certificate from the TRACES (TDSCPC.GOV.IN) website.

Part B of the Form No. 16 shall be prepared manually/or through offline software available in market by the employer and will be issued to the employee.

FY 2010-11
FY 2011-12
FY 2012-13 onwards
Download Form 16A from TDSCPC (TRACES) Web Site
Mandatory for Companies and Banks. Optional   for others
Mandatory for all type of deductors 
Digitally Sign Form 16A
Optional but only if downloaded from TDSCPC (TRACES) Web site
Optional but only if downloaded from TDSCPC (TRACES) Web   site
Optional but only if downloaded from TDSCPC (TRACES) Web site
Manually Issue TDS Certificate(Form 16A)
All deductors can manually issue TDS Certificate
Companies and Banks cannot manually issue TDS Certificate
No deductor can  issue manually TDS certificate
Manually Issue TDS Certificate(Form 16 salary)
All deductors can manually issue TDS Certificate
All deductors can manually issue TDS Certificate
Part B to be issued manually

Further form 16A is also required to be downloaded from TDSCPC.GOV.IN .Check details here.
  1. Procedure How  to register at TRACES ( and 
  2. How to download Form 16A form TRACES (
To generate form 16 or Form 16A from online file downloaded from pdf, conversion utility is required, this utility can be downloaded. Latest version as on 29/05/2013 is 1.3L is also available for download from link given below.  

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  1. Dear All,

    I have revised my salary return of Q1 (FY12-13) on 15 May 2013 because of PAN of deductees are not shown, now I am checking status of the return is still showing "Under Process at CPC" and it is mandatory to downlad Form16 by 31/05/2013.

    I have one query, that should I download Form16 by 31/05/2013 or wait for acceptance from CPC.

    1. Download and issue Form 16. If PAN is not there traces will not issue Form 16 for that employee. Once accepted by CPC balance Form 16 can be issued.