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EPFO working improved claims department ,Your opinion

EPFO department working has improved in recent past one or two year ,specially after introduction of online services .This improvement must have come many year back however we always favour principal " late is better than never".

The department working can reach up to 100 % satisfaction when they understand that they are fund manager and answerable to members not a tax collectors. 

The following service has been available for online use 

For employees 
For Employer
  1. Online single Electronic Challan cum return (ECR) filing 
  2. Online verification of challan deposit 
  3. Online download facility for member's payslip and Passbook
  4. Online filing of Claim for member (to be started in month or so pilot project started)( process of registration of digital signature has been set in motion.)
We also welcome much awaited computerisation of all the govt department and always appreciate "online " than "in line" but our view is here that main problem in EPFO department is claim settlement .

Features of Department Working in recent past is given below

Contributing members (Not an achievement being deduction is mandatory)
4 crore
Number of establishments Filing online ECR (What about non filer ,registered but not filing ECR ?)
4 lakh
Pension distributed Persons (what about number of pending cases more than 3 months ?)
44 Lakh
Remittances in July,2013
5962 crore
Claims Settlement with in 30 days (in %)
April 2013 to July 2013
In the month of July 2013 alone, 10.83 lakh claims were settled and out of that 10.66 lakh were settled within 30 days. As can be seen, the percentage of claims settled within 30 days is 98.43% for the month of July 2013. 
Customer satisfaction(grievance Disposed)
April ,13 to June ,13(average monthly)
July ,2013(How many pending?)

Why unique membership number can not be adopted ?

In our opinion 60-70 % of claims are related to fund transfer from one account to another account related to same person/member/employee and a simple change can do a revolutionary change that is Unique Membership number (Employee contributing EPF) throughout his life.After adopting it there will be no need to file claim for transfer and EPFO department will be reduced by at least by 50 %

Your opinion Matters most ,we have created a small survey ,we expect good response from you.

View Survey Results Summary Here (up to date)
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EPFO working improved claims department ,Your opinion Reviewed by RAJA BABU on 8/24/2013 Rating: 5 EPFO department working has improved in recent past one or two year ,specially after introduction of online services .This improvement m...

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