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A CA Student Hacks Income tax return E filing Account of Anil.D.Ambani !!!

A young chartered accountant student from Hyderabad has allegedly hacked into the e-filing of income tax returns account of leading industrialist Anil Ambani, with an intention to know his income and tax amount paid over a period of time, police said on Friday.

The 21-year-old woman, who has been doing her chartered accountancy articleship at Manoj Daga & Company in Hyderabad, was booked under relevant sections of Information Technology Act on September 7, after a preliminary investigation and faces arrest in the case.

“The girl hacked Ambani’s e-filing of Income-Tax returns account with an intention to check the industrialist’s income and tax amount paid by him over the period of time.

After hacking the account of the chairman of Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG), she accessed the details of his income, tax amount paid, PAN card number and even changed twice the password of his e-account on the IT website,” an official involved in the probe said.

According to police, a chartered accountant firm in Mumbai, which files 54-year-old Ambani’s individual tax details, was intimated through an email from IT department on June 26 that as per request, the industrialist’s e-return account had been changed. Again on July 12, the firm received another email stating that second time the password had been changed.

As suspicion grew, the ADAG group representative complained to Joint Police Commissioner (Crime) Himanshu Roy, who directed cyber cell inspector Mukund Pawar to probe the case.

“As preliminary probe suggested it as a clear case of cyber crime since it involved hacking into the e—return account, a case was registered on September 7. Probe revealed that the account was hacked from Manoj Daga & Company’s computer following which a team rushed there and upon questioning, the girl confessed to have hacked into Ambani’s account,” Mr. Pawar said.

The server has been seized, Mr. Pawar said adding that, “we have all technical and physical evidence against her. The accused, who is in Hyderabad, will have to face the arrest.”

The offence was bailable and she will be arrested soon, another police official said.
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A CA Student Hacks Income tax return E filing Account of Anil.D.Ambani !!! Reviewed by RAJA BABU on 9/14/2013 Rating: 5 A young chartered accountant student from Hyderabad has allegedly hacked into the e-filing of income tax returns account of leading indust...


  1. CA girl should be awarded because the QC team has not done the job of security issues in the govt web server. She is really a brilliant girl. i fully appreciate her skill. If she was in US then definitely she would have got a better post and not humiliation like in India. Indians knows only to harass the under privileged people and leave the others who are influential to rob the country.

  2. A great job done. She is an eye opener. This will compel concerned authorities to think about security. Most probably no harm done to Ambani, but some people will be saved from being harmed in future.


  3. HEY,

    She is a Dynamic woman, and brave enough for this. Of course, the act done is not supported though as its hacking . But, I support her brilliant mind and intelligence. Pleas put forth the same in better means and ways. You would reach the sky height.

    All the Best



  4. Hello,

    Good afternoon Everybody,

    Please note that its not the question of "Safety of systems or Intelligence of the Hacker". Its about how a person should act in a system as per their role. If every body fulfils their role in particular system(Society)then everybody will get their share in the benefits of that system.

    Its not so great to blame Govt data Systems after knowing this incident as they will take corrective action against this soon...

    No one should encourage anybody to do things against LAW of a articular country where they are living..

    After all by knowing the details of Income of a particular person what benefit she would get..Being a CA student she did a silly mistake for which she has to suffer as per LAW.

    She should first concentrate on how to use her inteligency in clearing CA exams as early as possible..