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  1. Capital Gain index 1981-2012
  2. What is Capital asset ,what is included in capital asset and what is excluded from capital asset
  3. What is Meaning of transfer ,transaction included in Transfer and Excluded from transfer.
  4. Exemption on capital Gain Tax
    1. Exemption on Purchase/construction of New house on Long term Capital gain U/s 54
    2. Exemption on Purchase of agriculture Land u/s 54B
    3. Exemption on purchase of Capital gain bonds from REC /NABARD section 54EC
    4. Exemption of purchase/construction of new house u/s 54F
    5. Section 54B,54EC,54F combined can be claimed
  5. Section 54 F is available even you already have  another house
  6. Section 54EC How you can save one crore instead of 50 Lakhs
  7. Indexation benefit for gifted asset from year of acquisition by previous owner
  8. Capital Gain tax and repayment of Loan 
  9. Free e book on calculation of capital gain tax 
  10. Capital Gain on Sale of Agriculture Land 
  11. Save capital gain tax Vs investment in Capital gain tax bonds 
  12. Forfeit advance in sale of house how to calculate capital gain 
  13. House loan repayment is also Eligible under section 54,54F etc subject to Normal time Limit Given in the setion
  14. Subsidy from NABARD how to treat in books of accounts
  15. Long term capital Gain,advance payment,possession,registration relation 
  16. Income from Shares -How to calculate Capital Gain 
  17. Save Long Term capital Gain from Loss from shares Loss
  18. House Sold Before 5 years :Section 80 C benefit will be reversed 

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