Saturday, May 31, 2008


on Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dear Member ,

we have created a tool bar the main features of the tool bar is given below.Toll Bar has already been downloaded by members.

direct link to online calculators

  1. emi
  2. loan interest/emi/amount/period
  3. fixed deposit
  4. annuity
  5. recurring deposit calculator
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Direct link to know your
  1. pan
  2. pan application status(nsdl)
  3. pan application status uti
  4. tan
  5. tan application status
  6. service/excise tax code
  7. tax deposited/deducted/collected
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Main Features of Tool bar
  1. Search powered by GOOGLE click
  2. Direct link to ICAI website
  3. Direct link to ouR groupS and list of recent Message with link
  4. Important link in ICAI website
  5. direct link to
    1. e-payment of taxes
    2. e-filing of ITR(Income tax return)
    3. Income tax act
    4. Income tax rules
    5. Income tax notification
    6. ITR and challan form (FROM MY BLOG)
    7. service tax act
    8. service tax rules
    9. service tax forms (from my blog)
    10. servicetax,excise,customs notification latest
    11. free calculators (from my blog)
  6. chat with tax tool bar community
  7. predefine Gadgets
    1. 5tv channels (you can customized like Aawaz,CNNIBN,IBN LIVE hindi,IBN 7 english,ZEETV,DDNEWS and many more international and national channel you can select any five and can change any time.
    2. calculator
    3. to do menu
    4. sudoku
    5. notes & many more
  8. email notifier
  9. weather report of your city
  10. radio
some of these features can be added or deleted and more links can be added in tool bar on request if beneficially for community at large.

if your screen DISPLAY SETTINGS are less than 1024*728 than set tool bar to shrink option.under drop down menu besides CA logo.

Download Now

you can download tool bar from here

Download Our Free Toolbar

Note:Those members who have already downloaded the SIMPLE TAX INDIA help tool bar they can also add this with earlier tool bar and can switch to one another . at a time one tool bar will be shown.


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