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on Monday, June 14, 2010

TIN-NSDL has updated the the ETDS return preparation software .A new software version 2.1 has been released recently.Which is applicable from 01.10.2009.However person who has older version 2.0 can still use for 1.10.09 to 31.03.2010.But you should migrate to new version asap. Further There is no changes in old FVU(File validation utility) and older version is still applicable.Download the latest version now.
Note :Latest Version is available at this link 

Latest ETDS software from TIN-NSDL free

  1. Download new RPU version 2.1 for both regular & correction returns (free etds software including new fvu 2.128 from here) applicable for all returns submitted from 1.10.2009 whether period is older than 1.10.2009  
  2. Download new RPU version 1.8 only to correct/revise old return filed before 1.10.2009(free software including FVU 2.126 from here) applicable for revised/correction   return submitted original return before 1.10.2009.
  3. If you are using customised software from outside agency then you may also download only FVU 2.128 from here(no chnage)
  4. If you are using customised software from outside agency then you may also download only FVU 2.126 from here(no chnage)
Further you should not that CBDT has released new rules for tax deducted after 01.04.2010 and now due date for quarterly return has been changed for last quarter to 15th May of next year.Due dates are now given as under.

Sr. No.
Date of ending of the quarter of the Financial Year
Due Dates
30th June
15th July of the Financial Year
30th September
15th October of the Financial Year
31st December
15th January of the Financial year
31st March
15the May of the Financial Year immediately following the Financial Year in which deduction is made

The e-TDS/TCS FVU is a Java based utility. JRE (Java Run-time Environment) [versions: SUN JRE: 1.4.2_02 or 1.4.2_03 or 1.4.2_04 or IBM JRE:] should be installed on the computer where the e-TDS/TCS FVU is being installed. Java is freely downloadable from and or you can ask your vendor providing computer facilities (hardware) to install the same for you.
The e-TDS/TCS FVU setup file (e-TDS/TCS FVU.exe) comprises of three files namely:
  1. TDS FVU Readme.rtf: This file contains instructions for setup of the e-TDS FVU.
  2. e-TDS FVU Setup.exe: This is a setup program for installation of FVU.
  3. TDS_FVU_STANDALONE.jar: This is the FVU program file.

Data structure of quarterly e-TDS statements have been modified by the Directorate of Income Tax (Systems).Key changes in new etds returns has been given below . This changes are applicable on every return which are to be submitted after 1.10.2009 whether its relates to period prior to the 1.10.2009. However old return (before 1.10.2009) can be revised with old data structure with old Fvu 2.126 .I have given Link to download all these software free below.

Key changes in Data Structure
PAN of deductorNot mandatoryMandatory . If not required then “PANNOTRQD”
Classification of DeductorCentral Govt / Others16 Classifications e.g. Central Govt / State Govt / Firm / Company etc
Govt DeductorNo such requirementDetails of Ministry Name, PAO, DDO
Software NameNo such requirementName of Software to be provided
  • Fields have been added in regular and correction e-TDS / TCS file format.
  • Validations have been tightened in some existing fields in case of regular and correction e-TDS / TCS file format.
  • Verification of challan details in e-TDS / TCS returns with challan details uploaded by banks. In case of verification failure, warning file containing details of challan mismatch will be generated.
  • Statistic report generated by FVU will also contain details of verification of challans and bifurcation of payment by Government deductors as transfer voucher and challan.
Effective Date
  • Quarterly e-TDS / TCS returns filed from October 1, 2009 should be as per the new data structure. If the returns do not conform to the new data structure they will be rejected by TIN.
  • e-TDS / TCS correc tion on regular returns filed as per the old data structure (validated with FVU version upto 2.126) should be validated with FVU version 2.126 only.
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Note :Latest Version is available at this link 

Latest ETDS software from TIN-NSDL free