Due date E TDS Returns for 4th Quarter (2012-13)


Important - TDS Returns for 4th Quarter (2012-13) 

The TDS returns for fourth quarter of financial year 2012-13 is due on 15th May 2013 and many deductors would need a software to prepare and file their TDS Returns. 

It is always necessary to identify a suitable and reliable software for the purpose of preparing TDS returns. As an option, one can use TDSMAN (FY: 13-14) which can be also used to file returns of FY: 12-13 and earlier years also. As per the published data of NSDL, TDSMAN has the highest acceptance percentage of TDS / TCS correction returns for the last 18 months. 

Over the last couple of years, it has been observed that the team of TDSMAN is prompt and regularly updates the software so that their 20,000 users are able to meet their TDS compliances with ease. Further, most importantly, to all its users they keep reminding of the compliance dates which are very useful as most of us tend to forget very often. 

We are all aware that the Income Tax Dept. has made revolutionary changes by launching their new website TRACES which is still in the process of being fully stabilized. TDSMAN has been very prompt in updating their software and has comprehensively added the following:

·         Integration with TRACES
·         New file validation utility FVU 3.7
·         Access to online PAN verification

Following features of TRACES website can be directly used from the TDSMAN Software:
1.      Downloading Consolidated Statement files for making corrections.
2.      Downloading of TDS Certificate (Form 16A).
3.      Downloading of TDS Defaults.

Due date ETDS return 24Q, 26Q 27Q and Form16 ,Form 16A

Sl. No.
Quarter ending
From 01.11.2011 on wards For Govt offices 
For other deductors
Etds return
Form 16A
Etds return
Form 16A
30th June
31st July
15th August
15th July
30th July
30th September
31st October
15th November
15th October
30th October
31st December
31st January
15th Feburary
15th January
30th January
31st March
15th May 
30th May        (31st May   for form 16)
15th May
30th May        (31st May for form 16)

Download Full Notification 41/2010.right click on link and select save target as or save link as as the case may be "

FY 2010-11
FY 2011-12
FY 2012-13 onwards
Download Form 16A from TDSCPC (TRACES) Web Site
Mandatory for Companies and Banks. Optional   for others
Mandatory for all type of deductors 
Digitally Sign Form 16A
Optional but only if downloaded from TDSCPC (TRACES) Web site
Optional but only if downloaded from TDSCPC (TRACES) Web   site
Optional but only if downloaded from TDSCPC (TRACES) Web site
Manually Issue TDS Certificate(Form 16A)
All deductors can manually issue TDS Certificate
Companies and Banks cannot manually issue TDS Certificate
No deductor can  issue manually TDS certificate
Manually Issue TDS Certificate(Form 16 salary)
All deductors can manually issue TDS Certificate
All deductors can manually issue TDS Certificate
Part B to be issued manually

So manually field form 16A cannot be issued for tax deducted on or after 01.04.2012.  
Update (22.04.2012) Form 16 (Part-A) to be issued mandatory through download from TDSCPC website (circular 04/2013 dated 17.04.2013) salary can be issued without downloading from the TDSCPC (TRACES) site. Now you are interested in how you can download Form 16A from TDS CPC (TRACES) website
Please Note that Form 16A now(01.01.2013) shall be available through new website www.tdscpc.gov.in only .Read more from links given below 
  1. Procedure How  to register at TRACES (www.tdscpc.gov.in) and 
  2. How to download Form 16A form TRACES (www.tdscpc.gov.in)
TDSMAN (FY:13-14) is priced at Rs. 3,000 which in the earlier years was priced at Rs. 2,500. For Simple Tax subscribers, we have negotiated a 10% discount so that TDSMAN is made available at Rs. 2,700.