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Wrong Income Tax return Uploaded ,How to revise the Income Tax return?

on Thursday, July 18, 2013

If you have wrongly uploaded your Income tax return then no need to worry ,you can still correct your return . As per CPC guidelines if you have wrongly uploaded your return then you can revise it ,How to revise your return is given below.

How to file a revised return?

Answer: The process of filing a Revised Return is the same as filing an Original Return. The ONLY difference is that in the Excel utility (Return Preparing Software), you need to select the 'Revised' return option and provide the Original e-Filing Acknowledgement number and Date of filing the Original return. Further, the assessee is required to select the section of return filing as u/s 139(5).

First you have to fill excel utility with all data ., if you have already saved the previous excel file then Just make the correction in the file where ever required .select revised return as suggested above

Generate the XML and upload it the efiling site again

download the ITR-V and send to CPC in 120 days from date of upload.

How many times I can file the revised return?

Answer: Legally, a return can be revised any number of times before the expiry of one year from the end of the Assessment Year OR before the completion of the assessment by the Department; whichever event takes place earlier.

I filed my Original Income Tax Return post due date and I want to revise that Income Tax Return. Can I file a Revised Return?

Answer: You cannot file a Revised return if the Original was filed post due date (Belated)

I have filed the Original Income Tax Return as paper return. Can I file the revised return electronically as e-Filed Income Tax Return?

Answer: No

I have e-Filed the Original Income Tax Return. Can I file the revised return in paper-form?

Answer :No

If original return is invalid due to non-receipt of ITR-V, can I file original return again.

If 120 days (including any extension,if any) has lapsed then assessee is required to file a revised return ,however new revised return will be treated as original return.

Income-tax Returns due date for assessment year 2013-14 for non audit case are 31st July, 2013. However, for the Corporate Sector as well as for persons who are having the requirement of tax audit the last date of filing Income-tax Return happens to be 30th September 2013.

Income Tax return form in PDF(ITR1,2,3,4,4S) and excel (ITR-1,2,4S)now available for manual filing and efiling of income tax return for ay 2013-14

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  1. Our client received the intimation u/s.200A for TDS late filling fees u/s.234E , Whether we should pay under the head of Interest OR Penalty ?

    Ashok Hatker

    1. In new Challan 281 a separate column for fees u/s 234E has been provided ,so you should select that challan .If you bank website is not updated then ask your banker to update the challan information

      new challan available here

  2. While filling ITR's it is noticed that instead of showing dialoge box as Compile error in hidden module . Module 1

    And all the functions of ITR showing inactive, how to solve this problem. Please let me know.

    Thanking you,



    1. This eeror is related to Microsoft office /excel . re install office software or try at other computer .

    2. If you have xp or win7 either office 2003 or office2007 or whatever just install msxml 6.0 service Pack1 for all type of compile errors In ITR excel you can download this utility from the link Microsoft
      Details in our article Income Tax Return : Compile Error in Hidden module

  3. TDSCPC GHAZIABAD is unapproachaeable whether by telephone(continuously engaged) or by emails to contactcpc. These guys brazenly put the tax-payers and deductors into lots and lots of troubles for which no penalites are levied.
    For is not clear what we have to do if:
    01. We have filed 26Q for say some 30 Deductees.
    02. Filed revision 26Q for say 5 deductees which is also accepted by TIN NSDL. 0n 17/05/2013.
    03. We are able to generate FORM16A of the Original LOT of 30 Deductees.
    04. Till today unable to genrate FORM16A of the ADDITIONAL Deductees. We repeatedly get the message for Form16A individual downloads as "PAN NOT FOUND IN 26Q Statement"

    Is this some kind of JOKE by TDS GHAZIABAD or TRIAL by FRUSTRATION for TAX DEDUCTORS till eternity?

    We have sent some 25 emails to TDS CPC Ghaziabad..but to no avail.
    We are tired of reminding them whereas they will be quick to send Notices of Interest and penalties for even 3 days delay in paying TDS by 7th of each month.

    WHY he HELL do we have such remorseless Govt.Employees or Departments?

    1. Keep cool , and wait for few more days , We have faced similar situation and get no reply from the authorities at all and get form 16 only after waiting for 2 months

    2. TIN-NSDL & TRACE sites are run by private parties under contract with government. Kindly do not blame the government employees alone.

    3. If Govt want to take credit of e filing then to resolving the problem is also responsibility of the Authorities .Further if contract worker are not working up to the mark then they can be /should be changed or proper training must be provided to them to handle these situations

  4. I have Filled my company online ITR for the AY 2008-09 within due date. but at that time i was not claim full TDS in the ITR. now please suggest how can i calim full amoun of TDS which is shown in 26AS from the Income Tax Department.


    1. Such a old return ? I don't think you can claim now ,if fault is yours

  5. one of my clients it returnfor the ass. yr. 12-13 was filled within due date and ITR V was not sent to CPC. now what has to be done. the return contains a refund.
    please suggest.

    1. That return will treated invalid return ,

      Now he should file revised return online but that revised return will be treated as original (belated return ) for all purposes.

  6. We want to correct employee salary details in uploaded quarterly tds return for FY 2012-13 IVth Quarter, please let me know steps for same.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. download consolidated file from tdscps site

      how to download consolidated fvu from tdscpc website

      make the correction and generate revised fvu and file it

  7. if in orginal income tax return, assessee has claimed higher refund, later on finding in 26 AS, as his account reflects more TDS then actually he has paid,revises his return and claims lower refund.
    meanwhile his orginal return process and tax authorities process the refund against orginal return.
    what action needs to be taken from assesse side.??

    1. Means you ave received excess refund ,congratulation ,where persons are looking for refund due to them , you have received excess!!

      Now ,your answer , you can file rectification request online

      or just wait for notice form department and on there request deposit excess amount

  8. How to make changes to Q4 E -TDS returns filed in May 2013? Thanks

    1. Only employer/deductor can make changes in etds return ,you can create revised fvu .To create revised file first download consolidated fvu from tdscpc website then create revised fvu and file it through tin-fc
      how to download consolidated fvu

  9. I filed ITR for the wrong assessment year (2012-2013 instead of 2013-2014). I had no job or income during 2012-2013.
    Should i file a new (original) ITR? I tried filing a revised 139/(5) ITR and it said "Incorrect Acknowledgement Number".

    1. It is very strange how you done so. Any how you can file fresh return for ay 13-14 .As old return was filed for ay 12-13 ,this return will be treated original for ay 13-14

      further revise your return of ay 12-13 with zero income

    2. Thank you. I filed a revised return for 2012-2013 wit zero income and an original return for 2013-2014 with correct income.
      Should I send both to the Bangalore office by post? Or should I just send the current 2013-2014 ITR alone?

    3. Send ITR-V of AY 2013-14 only

    4. Thanks a lot for helping me!

  10. I wrongly uploaded the return and the informations helped me very much in filing revised return before due date.

  11. In case I have uploaded in incorrect ITR .. is there a way I can reject it after uploading it .. would the CPC call center would be of any help or would I need to wait for 120 days .. following which If they have not received my signed letter then the ITRV will be rejected automatically.

    1. No solution, only solution is non sending of ITR-V or upload revised return for same financial year

  12. Dear Sir,
    Few days back my agent filed my ITR with wrong forms.
    He filed AY 12-13 for FY 12-13 instead of AY 13-14.
    Also AY 13-14 for FY 13-14 instead of AY 14-15.

    Earlier I had filed AY 12-13 and I have received my refund also. But it is filed again.

    What can be done in this case. How to rectify.

    Can I get reply on


    Vijay Rana

    1. As you have already got the refund for ay 12-13 , means assessment is complete so new filed return will be null and void so no action is required from your side.
      same for assessment for ay 13-14 ,if assessment is complete ,then no action is required from your end

  13. Hi,

    I had filed ITR-1 online within due date for AY 2013-14. Later on got an intimation for RECTIFICATION as one of the challan was not received (that challan being wrongly attached to different PAN). Nevertheless, since I was not aware of the RECTIFICATION process, I filed REVISED return.
    But later on, I still received email for the RECTIFICATION and got to know the process afterwards. I completed the RECTIFICATION and now the process is complete and I have already received the acknowledgement.
    Recently, I have received an email for Non-receipt of ITR-V for the REVISED form. I had totally forgot about it since RECTIFICATION process got over. Now I would like to CANCEL or UNDO the revised ITR, since one ITR process has been through for this AY.
    Please suggest what to do now ??

    1. Simple thing you should do ,don't send the ITR-V process