What we needed was to show a number in the Indian Rupee format as well as display the amount in words. Let me explain. Say we have a figure 12345678. If I just use the currency format it will be displayed as Rs 12,345,678.00. But in India we prefer to use the format Rs. 1,23,45,678.00. That is we use hundreds, thousands, lakhs and crores rather than millions and billions. As far as I know there is no built in method to display it in the Indian format. (I haven’t tried Office 2007 yet.). Before I developed this Add-In we had to do it manually each time up to 50 times a day. This Add-In saved us a lot of time.
The Add-In has 3 functions – INR()REVINR() and RSWORDS().
The INR() function converts a number to the Indian Style Comma formatted currency as you can see in the snapshot. The commas are placed in the right places separating lakhs and crores. But the result that you get is in the Text Format. So you cannot directly use the result in a formula for calculations. To overcome this issue I have added another function called REVINR().

The REVINR() function simply converts the result obtained from using INR function back to the number format so that you can use it in calculations as demonstrated in snapshot.
The RSWORDS() function converts any number to currency in the form of words. This can be quite useful if you generate your invoices using Excel and you want the amount to be displayed in words.

How to install SureshAddIns?
Installing AddIns in Excel is very simple. First you download the AddIn from the link at the bottom of this post and save it on your computer.
Open Microsoft Excel. Click on Tools>Add-Ins. Click on Browse and navigate to wherever you saved the SureshAddIns.xla and then click OK. You have installed the AddIn.
How to use SureshAddIns?
You can use SureshAddIns by directly entering the functions into a cell like =INR(XX), =REVINR(XX) and =RSWORDS(XX) where XX is the reference of the cell you want to convert.
Another way is to use the Insert Function window which you can open either through the fx button on the toolbar or though the Insert>Function menu. In the category dropdown box choose User defined and you will see the above three functions of SureshAddIns.
Load or unload an Excel add-in program
  1. Click the Microsoft Office Button Button image, and then click Excel Options.
  1. Click the Add-Ins category.
  2. In the Manage box, click Excel Add-ins, and then click Go.
  3. To load an Excel add-in, do the following:
    1. In the Add-Ins available box, select the check box next to the add-in that you want to load, and then click OK.
  1. If the add-in is not currently installed on your computer, click Yes to install it.
 TIP   Follow the setup instructions as needed.
  1. To unload an Excel add-in, do the following:
  1. In the Add-Ins available box, clear the check box next to the add-in that you want to unload, and then click OK.
  2. To remove the add-in from the Office Fluent Ribbon, restart Excel.
 NOTE   Unloading or removing an add-in from the Ribbon does not delete the add-in from your computer. To delete the add-in from your computer, you must uninstall it.

For Excel 2003 and earlier versions
 To install an addin for Excel install addin from Excel's manual Tool->Addin... then browse.

Do not change the Place of File after installation.Further If you want to share excel files with other where this addin has been used then convert all the cell where addin used with special paste as value otherwise error will be shown in other computer where addin has not been installed  
Download SureshAddIn
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Download SureshAddIn