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Update :Download Now Version 1.21 (read changes in new version)
Few Days back we have registered ourselves to EPFO e-sewa and prepare challan after reading instruction one by one .Its takes three and Half hour to prepare one challan for just 7- 8 person .We have to read all the instruction and do every thing by Hit & trail method .Next day we have searched free software for  challan preparation for ECR (EPF challan cum return) but not found any thing concrete. But few Days Back Mr Datha3 shared a free software to prepare EPFO esewa challan Text file through use of Microsoft excel Macro's .We have tried it and its working fine.

Now they have come up with improved version of free challan software to prepare Text file for EPFO e-sewa challan software in excel with use of macro's.with the help of this software you can prepare text file to upload at epfo esewa by filing simply in excel sheet. Please go through EPFO guidelines also.

while using this software Keep following points in Mind
  1. Go through the "ReadMe1st" sheet 
  2. Do not leave blank cells between Cells "A" to "J". 2. Do not use special characters in the Member & Father/Husband's Names field.
  3. Fill details of Date of Joining and Date of Leaving of those members who have joined and left during the month for which data is being entered.
  4. For exempted establishments, col. "E", "F", "I" and "J" are to be filled with 0.
  5. EPS wages in Col."D" is to be changed to 0 for those who have attained the age of more than 58 yrs.
  6. Voluntary Contribution, if any, may be added to Col."E" and "F".
  7. Further you have to enable Macro before using this software in Microsoft excel.
while sharing this software we like to remind you that every care has been taken to prepare the software but even then there may be few unforeseen error remains for which we are not responsible .but we are committed to Improve this software day by day after receiving your Feed Back.

Update :New Version 1.21 (date 03/06/2012)
Two separate File for Microsoft Excel ,2003,(2007,2010)

In case MS Excel 2007,Following Message will be shown

"Excel found unreadable content in "ecr file template version 1.21 xslmDo you want to remove the content of this workbook?if you trust the source of this workbook,click yes."please press Yes.

Some more options have been included for exempted establishments and updated the Help file.

To download File Please fill your name ,email, office ,mobile number please also download Help file .Link to both files also sent to your email address

Help file Download from here

Online Form powered by

Prepared By
Dathathri M., SS, SRO, Mysore Road, Bangalore-560098
Contact info: Mobile: +919480797570


Earlier Updates
Update :04/05/2012 File has been updated due to error pointed out by Sh Prasad Gupta VVN ,BILT Graphic Paper Products Limited ,Unit: Kamalapuram regarding  arrears wages, EPF and EPS is not catching in text file .The same has been corrected now .Download updated version now.
Process of uploading the Text file at epfo e sewa is given as under.

1.Register your establishment on Employer e Sewa (process is given here)

2 .Prepare a ECR file in txt through excel complete trick can be downloaded from here.

Download challan software as given above and prepare challan cum return file in Text format.

Download Procedure (instructions)

3. Upload the ECR file generated at 2 above at EPFO employer sewa and download challan (process is given below )

4. Deposit challan in authorised Branch of SBI.

Read FAQ about E SEWA

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    1. Thanks Dathathri for sharing the File

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  3. Thanks for it. I tried last 4 days but not understood. this process very easy i did in few minutes

  4. Thanks This is veryy useful & easy. EPfo Site process very complecated not understood

    1. BTW this utility is also prepared by Person working in EPFO department but this is not official utility

  5. Thanks for the excel utility.

  6. dear sir, i tried this bt while saving the text file its showing some error like "vba error code-2147024770 - Automation error, the specified module could not be found. text file is not created successfully"
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