Income Tax Return form for assessment year 2012-13 has been released by Income Tax department .ITR-1 (Sahaj) ,ITR-2 ,ITR-3, ITR-4  and ITR-4S( sugam) has been released .Now ITR-5 and ITR-6 has also been released in paper form .For most of the assessee  ITR-5 is required to be filed through efiling . ITR-6 can only be filed through e filing mode.Further E filing of income Tax return for assessment year 2012-13 has  been started at incometaxindia efiling site .E filing software form in excel can be download free from the link
Due date to File income tax return for Assessment Year 2012-13 for non -audit cases is 31.07.2012.(31.08.2012 date extended. Rules 12 for filing of income tax return has been amended and now Individual/ HUF having income exceed 10 Lakh have to e file their return with or without digital signature.
Due date extended to 31.08.2012 for all assessee (non audit case ) to 31.08.2012  read details here 

Further resident (but other than not ordinarily resident)and individual /HUF having interest in entity outside India are also required to file return through e filing mode only irrespective of their income.

If balance tax is payable then it must be paid before return filing .It is called self assessment tax.

How to deposit self assessment tax online offline through challan 280 is described in details here.

Penalty on Late filing of Income Tax return after due date  Fy 2011-12 Ay 2012-13 read details here

No major Changes has been made in income tax return form except details of interest in entity /Banks balance etc outside India have to be furnished in Income Tax return form .For these special columns has been provided.
Person having total taxable income up to Rs 5 lakh Salary income from one employer including saving bank interest up to Rs 10000 is exempted from Income tax return for assessment year 2012-13 (read details here)Exemption from return filing up to 5 Lakh Ay 2012-13

Download Income Tax return forms in PDF format for Assessment year 2012-13 (previous year 2011-12)  
Download ITR forms in excel for e filing of return known as ITR RPU (ITR form for online filing of income tax return in excel) Download instruction to file income tax return (check how to fill itr form ITR-1, ITR-2 , ITr-3, ITR-4,ITR-4s, ITR-5)
Which Income Tax return form Should you use.

Compulsory / Mandatory E filing of Return with digital signature and without digital signature 

Income Tax Return filing  mandatory if your Individual/HUF  income is more than 10  Lakh in Fy 2011-12.So you have e File your return Read notification .However he may file with or without digital signature.
So if your Income is more than 10 Lakh then you have to e file you income tax return and you can not submit income tax return on paper Form.

Before filing of Income Tax return you should check your Tax deducted deposited and collected through Form 26AS. How to check Form 26AS in three ways is available here

Income Tax return Up to 5 Lakh is exempted for salaried person for Asessment year 2012-13 up to taxable income of 5 Lakh Salary including saving bank interest up to ten thousand.

If you have not sign ur online return with digital signature then uploading of xml file on e filing site is not enough ,Please furnish the Form ITR-V to the Income Tax Department , CPC, Post Bag No - 1, Electronic City Post Office, Bangalore - 560100, Karnataka BY ORDINARY POST ONLY within 120 days after the date of transmitting the data electronically .

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