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As you know that that to revised etds return consolidated fvu file is required and for that also now you have to go to the new website TDSCPC.gov.in to download consolidated file.Earlier we have explained in the  post how to download the consolidated FVU file required to revise the etds return.In this post we will provide you the password to open the consolidated FVU file.

After download the consolidated file from new website , we have to unzip it and to unzip this file password is required.

Earlier Password to open FVU consolidated file was Provisional receipt number or original return .So we have tried the same but not successful.

Then we have tried the latest accept return receipt number but in vain.

Then we have tried TAN number ....but no result.

Then we have tried with TAN registration number which was used to open form 16/Form16A but that was also proved incorrect.

Then we have searched official site for solution and found the solution .

Correct password to open the Consolidated FVU file is now as under

TAN NO_request number of  consolidated fvu file
means if you TAN is AMRA11492E and request number generated on tdscpc to download the file is 84365 then password to open the file is


request number can be checked here.First login to tdscpc.gov.in and click on the requested downlaod link as shown the picture.

do as shown in the pictures.Select option one in picture given below or select date of request .

Request number will be shown as under

To download consolidated file you have to register at new website ,If you have not registered you TAN on on TRACES then first register you TAN at Traces and start the procedure of download of Form 16A.

Other feature that has been transferred to new site www.tdscpc.gov.ic(TRACES) has already been explained to you in the Link.

Do not Copy/Paste on other website/blog/forum site,we may demand compensation from you.However ,You may Provide only link back to our site.
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PASSWORD TO OPEN CONSOLIDATED FVU FILE DOWNLOADED FROM TDSCPC.GOV.IN Reviewed by RAJA BABU on 1/29/2013 Rating: 5 As you know that that to revised etds return consolidated fvu file is required and for that also now...


  1. Please help me with procedure to file revise eTDS return of any quarter.

    1. first download consolidated file.then make necessary correction in the return and file revise fvu

  2. I dont understand why they are making so much complications in all these by asking different password at different level. There should be only one user ID & password for all the transactions like for login, to download consolidated file, request for form 16/16A etc..

  3. In the procedure given above is not appear in the website of tds traces I saw only home,deductor,taxpayer, but in the above procedure dashboard,statements/payments,defaults,downloads,profile is there could u help me how to download consolidated FVU

    1. http://www.simpletaxindia.net/2013/01/how-to-download-consolidated-fvu.html

      read above link

  4. Thank you

    I was facing same problem,

    But, mission successful after applying above procedure.

    Thank you,
    Very much.