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Service Tax Return ST-3 Form & due date (July 12 to Sep 12) notified 25.03.2013

Central Government vide Notification No. 01/2013-ST dated 22.02.2013 has released most awaited form for filing of Service Tax Return for the period July, 2012 to September, 2012. The new form of Service Tax has been provided for download . Government has also inserted proviso in Rule 7(2) of Service Tax Rules, 1994 to provide 25th March, 2013 (15.04.2013 read details )as last date for filing of Service Tax Return for the period July, 2012 to September, 2012.

Return filing Not enabled on ACES and no offline excel utility available
It is very strange that Govt has taken at least 5-6 months to finalise the return performa but even after declaration of last date for filing return filing has not been enabled on ACES website . Further no offline excel utility is available for download to file the return as on today i.e 25.02.2013. then what is the purpose of declaring the due date ? 

Screen short of ACES website as on 25.02.2013 given as under , which has nothing to say about new st-3 return for 7/2012 to 9/2012

We have also called ACES help line number ,but they have shown inability to tell anything about when new forms will be available for download and when person can File his return online. No answer at all.

So from above we can easily conclude that there will another date extension in coming days at least by one month.

UPDATE :Department has come with a circular that Excel version (offline utility)of new st-3 ,as well as online version will be available in First week of March and if required due date can be extended further (read circular)

Notification is reproduced here under.

Notification No. 01/2013-Service Tax
New Delhi, the 22nd February, 2013
3 Phalguna, 1934 Saka

G.S.R (E).-In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) read with sub-section (2) of section 94 of the Finance Act, 1994 ( 32 of 1994), the Central Government hereby makes the following rules further to amend the Service Tax Rules, 1994, namely:-

1. (1) These rules may be called the Service Tax ( Amendment) Rules, 2013.
(2) They shall come into force on the date of their publication in the Official Gazette.

2. In the Service Tax Rules, 1994, -
(a) in rule 7, in sub-rule (2), after the proviso, the following proviso shall be inserted, namely:-
“ Provided further that the Form ST- 3 for the period between the 1st day of July 2012 to the 30th day of September 2012, shall be submitted by the 25th day of March, 2013”;(15.04.2013 read details )

(b) for Form ST-3, the following Form shall be substituted, namely:-

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Service Tax Return ST-3 Form & due date (July 12 to Sep 12) notified 25.03.2013 Reviewed by RAJA BABU on 2/25/2013 Rating: 5 Central Government vide Notification No. 01/2013-ST dated 22.02.2013 has released most awaited fo...


  1. Why due date has been announced when new form has not been made available at ACES or no offline utility available ?

    And more over return efiling is mandatory ?

    This is a Joke by CBEC ? what you say ?

    1. Agreed, if they can wait for six month ,they should wait for few days more and should update his website and be ready in all respect to accept the return otherwise declaration of due date is of no use at all.

  2. Govt of india has liberty to do any thing as per their convenience, because no body can questeion them.

  3. There is big mistake in the first page of the Form. Return Period has been shown as Half Yearly instead of Quarterly

  4. agreed with pradeeo kumar

  5. Nikhil Jain

    This is very big mistake taken by CBEC if form is not available then their is no used of due date declared.

    It is really big insult of respective CBEC

  6. May be the deadline or time baring reason they have declare the deadline. but its shame!!!

  7. As said by the CBEC's Circular, online version of ST-3 for Q2 wll be displayed in first week of March 2013. This is because of they are very busy with the coming budget and the concerned people been allotted some other work. So, Assessees pl wait till first week of March 2013 and expect a good budget on 28.02.2013. Best wishes dudes......

  8. The Dept. may be given ST-3 format in word file because if any problem arises for uploading new format online, then we hv to file the same in off-line format so that we can avoid any delay in filing of returns. best wishes to all the assessees and expect a good budget for service providers in general and manufacturers in particulars.