Many readers have asked us how to check Pan address with the Help of pan ? The trick is very simple but this is to be used only by Pan holder him self and not be used by the non -pan holder without pan holder permission . Person misusing this Facility may be in trouble.

why we Need Pan Address.

The reason may be well known to person who are searching for it but common reasons are correction in Pan data , refund of income tax at correct address etc . What ever the reason may be ,We have explained the trick step by step as under . 

To know the Pan address we have to register PAN at site is basically to file your Income Tax return online.You remember or note down your data (like password secret question)entered while registration so that the same can be used when required at later time .If you are using other PAN to know his address then transfer his password to him so that he can use it.

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Step One
 Go to (Do not use Google chrome Browser )and Click on  Register Button

Step two 

Fill you pan on next screen and click "click me"

Step three 

in Next screen Fill you Name ,password , dob , email address (fill email carefully ) phone number etc (fathers name is optional) read few tricks about How to fill correct name Here

Step Four 
Email Confirmation message will be shown on screen and a email will be sent on email address given by you , open the email and activate your account

Step five.
now fill you pan and password created as per step three in login details at website given at one above

Step Six
After login click My account > update Phone and email

Step seven 
Address as per pan data base will be shown 

Hope you have got the point right.please comment

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